Welcome to Belgrave St Peter's Community Church and our corner of the interweb. We hope that you are having a good Wednesday. This website will give you a taste of who we are. It is in an early draft and will improve in the days and weeks ahead.

Belgrave St Peters Community Church was started on 28th June 2018.

July marks the end of term for the school and that week when the entire of Leicester and Leicestershire goes on Holiday. We have a leavers service in the school but on the whole the church tends to go a bit quiet this month!

We are part of the Church of England and the Diocese of Leicester.

We are Church but not a parish. The reason for this is complicated! We are located in the Parish of the Resurrection, Leicester the largest Parish and one of the most diverse parishes in the diocese.

We are a Bishop's Mission Order which means that we have been set up by the Bishop as Church which can do things differently and has a special focus on Mission. We do things differently because we see that many people don't really 'get' traditional churches. Instead by focusing on people rather than organisations and buildings we try to be a church that anyone and everyone could be comfortable visiting. That's why we want to be a church for everyone.

In particular we are a church that is especially welcoming to children and families. A lot of our members have children who attend our school but you don't need to have children at the school to worship with us. We are a Church which is home to a number of people with disabilities and always happy to welcome more.

Our Minister

Our Minister standing next to a local church near to his spawn point

Simon Stevens has been ordained for a while (this isn't his first job). He has previously worked with teenagers, students and even taught people how to do ministry. Much of his time is spent in the school. He knows how to floss but can't actually do it and plays Minecraft.

When he arrived at Belgrave St Peter's for the first time, he was introduced as Revd Stevens by the Headteacher. It is hardly surprising that this mouthful did not stick with primary school kids. Indeed as he pointed out a time "You probably won't remember my name, but you will remember my bright shirts. Today I'm yellow." A week later he returned to the school to be greeted by a chorus of "Hello Mr Yellow!" Now all his shirts are now yellow....and his jumpers...and his shoes....and, well you get the idea.